PhotoSynthese is a one-stop graphics workshop. We offer scanning, artistic and commercial inkjet printing, short run digital printing and CNC die-cutting services.

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A quality image reproduction stems from an impeccable scan, even more so in the case of an artistic work. It is with this preoccupation in mind that we propose our scanning, image normalization and retouching services for your publishing or artistic projects.

Our scanners span a wide variety of formats, from top-end drum scan to large format flat bed.

In the case of negatives or transparencies, the Heidelberg drum scan is our tool of choice, offering a staggering resolution revealing the finest details of your originals.

For opaque originals, including framed pictures, the Cruse scanner has a 40 x 60 inches scanning surface open on three faces, thus permitting a tiled capture of very large originals. With this type of scanner the scanning head and lighting system are located over the scan table, eliminating contact between the original and a glass surface as is the case with most flat bed scanners. This means rare or precious pieces can be scanned safely. Furthermore, the lighting system is controllable in a way that can reveal or flatten surface textures. Another advantage is that contrary to a photographic capture, a scan is always flat and perfectly square.

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Your originals are always handled with utmost care, the scans are free of dust and scratches and are delivered with a hard copy proof. Your project can be delivered on DVD or by ftp.

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graphics production

PhotoSynthese offers a technical consulting service to assist you in the production of your graphic or artistic projects.

For image files, we can optimize several parameters including contrast, colour and texture; we also do specialist retouching such as restoring damaged originals. For page layout and publishing needs we can take care of specific design requests including eliminating backgrounds, close-cutting of objects and other compositing tasks. Image normalization is another service we offer in which several images from different sources are calibrated to form a coherent whole.

For page layout files we can do minor editing and corrections although we do not offer any design service.

You can also book some time with one of our technicians with whom you can resolve technical issues or elaborate an artistic project.

In the case of offset printing projects we can take care of the pre-press process, including proofing, and can format and deliver your files to your printers' specifications.

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laser printing

PhotoSynthese's short run digital printing department produces flyers, portfolios, business cards, invitations and even books, in small to medium quantities : please contact us to see if our equipment can meet your specific project needs. Our Canon digital press produces smooth gradations and vibrant colour, and is meticulously maintained and calibrated by our technicians. Maximum print size is 12 by 18 inches, or A3 european format.

We take great care in sourcing FSC certified papers, and also keep an inventory of speciality stocks including self-adhesive, metallic, translucent and 100% recycled papers.

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inkjet printing

For large format commercial or artistic (giclée) prints we offer a variety of inkjet printing solutions. We use water based pigmented inks to ensure both a high degree of longevity and a wide colour gamut no matter the printing stock. We also use latex based inks that are weather resistant up to three years, for projects that require more durability. Whatever technique is used, all our printers and substrates are calibrated to produce consistent results.

There are a lot of different substrates available for inkjet printing : matte, satin, pearl or glossy papers; 100% cotton rag archival paper in different tones and textures; polyethylene, tyvek, vinyl and latex banners; backlit film, self adhesive vinyl, artists' canvas, and other textiles. Since our stock is constantly evolving, we suggest you contact us if you need a specific product, or drop by our workshop to consult some samples.

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mounting and finishing

Our finishing department can mount on a variety of materials, either for direct exhibition (such as face-mounted plexiglas) or in preparation for framing. We also provide custom made hanging systems in wood, aluminium or magnetic material. If longevity is required, we can provide acid-free archival quality glues and mounting materials, and in the case of canvas and certain fabrics, UV resistant varnish coating. Additonally, we offer facemount options.

In the case of laser printing, we do cutting, folding, lamination and binding to suit a variety of needs. In the binding department the options are metal wire-o spirals, saddle stitching or glued perfect binding. Please note that there is 48 hour delay for perfect binding in order for the glue to dry.

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cnc die-cutting

Our swiss made Zund C3 numerically controlled cutter is a very versatile piece of equipment. It has a 6 foot by 10 surface bed and can be loaded with a variety of tools, spanning from an ultra fine kiss cutting blade up to a 50 000 rpm 4 Kw router. This means we can tackle a huge variety of materials with an extreme precision, typically one-tenth of a millimetre.

Since its programming is PostScript based, it is ideally suited to the graphic arts industry. Vinyl-cut letters for exhibition or permanent displays, irregular shaped face-mounted plexiglas, custom foam-core model pieces, small gauge aluminum sheets, specialty die-cut book covers, stationary : the list goes on. And since there are no lasers involved, the cutting process will not harm fragile or sensitive materials. Drop us a line or come by the workshop to find out more about this service.

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We accept the vast majority of standard file types of the graphic arts industry : Adobe Illustrator, EPS, PSD, PDF and TIFF to name a few. For multiple page documents, we prefer working with the original page layout program, such as InDesign and QuarkXpress. We do accept high resolution PDF files, however our correction or editing capacities are limited with this format. For fine art and high resolution image printing we prefer working in the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space, TIFF format.

For CNC die-cutting jobs, we will need the exact key line drawn in Adobe Illustrator, saved either in EPS or PDF format. For documents created with AutoCad, exporting in PDF format is the preferred option. For convenience reasons, cut and fold lines should be of distinct colour. If the job to be cut also has to be printed, we will need all the files at once, before starting production. We also offer the service of creating custom boxes if you have any specific need.

You can send us your files by Internet, we use Dropbox, WeTransfer and Hightail for large files. We also have a private ftp server, addresses and passwords are available on request. Please bear in mind that the maximum size for e-mail attachments is 5 MB. It is preferable that all internet transmissions be compressed with a utility such as StuffIt or ZipIt. All internet submissions must be accompanied by an e-mail containing a brief description of your project, name of the files(s), your contact information and all other relevant information.

Most projects have a 2-3 business days turnaround time, we can do rush jobs on request depending on our current workload, please check with our office for feasibility. If you have precious originals that you would rather not leave on our premises for any amount of time, it is possible to book an appointment with the scanning department so that you can manipulate the artwork yourself and leave with it once the scan is done.

We usually produce approval test prints of all our projects, as there is always a difference between a computer screen and a printed page.

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obtaining a quote

To obtain a quote, please send us a request containing a detailed description by e-mail. All quotes are valid for 30 days.


the description should include the quantity, size and medium of the originals, the final reproduction size, and resolution. Scanning prices are based on final file size.


a detailed description of the work to be done, and timeline.


we will need to know the size of the document, number of pages, quantity, type of paper, colour or black and white, type of binding, any special folding or cut-outs and timeline.


please specify the final size of the piece, chosen media, quantity and mounting specifications, if any. If the work requires unprinted margins, please include them in your image file, or let us know so we can integrate them before printing.


prices for die-cutting are determined by the final size of the piece, the material involved and the complexity of the shape(s). Sending us a key drawing, even preliminary, will help us estimate more precisely the time required to produce the finished piece. Due to the fact that there can be some unforeseen difficulties when working with 3D materials, some quotes may have to be revised as the project evolves. If this is the case, we will let you know in a timely fashion before incurring any over-charges.

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We are located in the Mile End district, in Montreal, between Rosemont and Laurier metro stations. Drive to the crossroad of St-Laurent and Bernard Streets, turn to the east on Bernard street and follow the road to its end. You can find our workshop on the 3rd floor.

5605 de Gaspé, suite #301
Montréal, Québec, H2T 2A4
Phone Number : (514) 273 0389

We are open Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 17PM.

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By entrusting us with an order, you are presumed to have read and accepted the following policies.


All material submitted to us is handled and stored with the utmost care. However, we do not assume any responsibility for any loss or deterioration in any form whatsoever. This non-responsibility clause is automatic. Any litigation concerning the nature, quality or pricing of work will only be considered if submitted within 5 working days of delivery. Also, we are not responsible for any original left on our premises after 30 days. We can take charge of pick-up and delivery at the clients' expense, however we take no responsibility for delays or damage due to the transporter.


Unless specified by the client, all the work we do is systematically archived. You can have access to your archives by specifying either the job number, invoice number or name of your files with an approximate date. This operation may incur some charges.


Please note that the Canadian law on copyrights forbids us to reproduce any work of art without the express consent of the artists or representatives. We reserve the right to demand you produce a proof of rights if we deem it necessary.
In any doubt, the organizations SODRAC and CARCC can determine if a work is free of rights or not.


All work is payable on delivery. For corporate or institutional clients an account can be opened with a 30-day term from date of invoicing. We accept cash, checks, debit cards and MasterCard and Visa credit cards.

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